Stage Schedule

Hip Hop for Change

11:00-11:25am & 1:40-2:15pm


Product of the American Dream, JPZ’s Abuelita migrated from Guatemala to San Francisco in the 1940’s. His Grandfather was abandoned in Mexico, where he met his Grandmother on a Mennonite colony and together they ran away to the desert of Northern Mexico and started their life. J’s father was the first of his siblings that was born on the Texas side.  JPZ uses his and his family’s life experiences for fuel for his socially conscious Hip Hop music. He has toured the US and performed in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Portland Oregon, LA, and all over the Bay Area. Currently he can be found rocking the cypher at The Boom Boom Room in SF every Sunday, or in the South Bay reppin’ Different Dope Music, a collective founded by YDMC.

Ambessa the Articulate

Ambessa the Articulate, founding member of the powerhouse dub-hip-hop group FIYAWATA, steps out on his own live solo project entitled Ambessa FiyaPowa. With the accompaniment of highly skilled musicians and elements of dance, theater, poetry and rhyme, Ambessa FiyaPowa stands chiseled and driven, producing a higher vibratory frequency of music. An extension of the emcee himself, this unit serves as an avatar for the alter-ego that is Ambessa the Articulate. Ushering hip-hop and dub music into the realms of futuristic electro rock, this outfit’s sound dares to defy the rudimentary sounds of today’s top 40 tunes. Ambessa has always been a multi-directional innovator and FiyaPowa amplifies the volatile nature of his creativity. Clever, electric, raucous and intoxicating, Ambessa FiyaPowa is dedicated to spreading a message of celebration, spiritual activism, uncompromising liberation and a commitment to excellence.


Desirae Harp

Desirae is a member of the Mishewal OnastaTis (Wappo) Nation from the central coast of California and a Diné (Navajo) descendant. She is a singer/songwriter, cultural advocate, and teacher. She also is the founder of the Mishewal Wappo language revitalization program, and uses her music to help preserve her indigenous language.


Khafre Jay

Khafre Jay might be the hardest working man in Bay Area Hip Hop.  He’s rocked with legends in 38 states like Rakim, Method Man, Dead Prez, Krs1, Jean Grae, and even Tone Loc to name a few. He is a veteran of the Bay Area music scene, and is an accomplished stage performer with over 25 years of experience on the stage, performing in almost every state. Along with his history in theater, choir, and Jazz trumpet, he understands what it means to be an MC.

Khafre’s brand of hardcore, revolutionary, anti-misogynist, community oriented Hip Hop, is a plus on any stage.  From the street corners of Hunters Point San Francisco, to the halls of elementary schools, to the main stage of the Democratic National Convention, if you want your audience to be moved, Khafre Jay is your answer.

Khafre’s experience in merging activism and expressive cultural arts has led him to found HipHopForChange as the next manifestation of his ongoing work. He has spent many years doing work with disadvantaged young people, using his hip hop roots to bridge social gaps, and help kids find identity through their culture. He never slows down.


Infrared     10:10-10:55 am

Originally named Super Sound Sensation (SSS) in the late 70’s from a small Junior High School in San Francisco, the Infrared Band is a high energy dance band – covering Standards, Old School, Hip Hop, 80’s, 90’s, and today’s Top 40s.
Behind the legacy of a renowned Bay Area Sax player and founder, Johnny Rojo, the band is now fielded by his kids, Jojo, Jon, Joby, Sophie, Jun, Joey and Patrick.
The group has performed in a multitude of cultural events at the Yerba Buena Gardens, the Nihonmachi and Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japantown, Social events in the Bay Area and local clubs, the former Kansaki lounge, Tito Rey, Bamboo House and Fort McKinley restaurants.


Triples Alley     11:30am-12:15pm

Triples Alley is an East Bay Pop-punk band with five members, Patrick Cooley, Forbes Zamora, Drew Zamora, Noel Agtane, and Bob Ibarra; each from different musical backgrounds (hardcore, death metal, indie) coming together to play the music that inspired them while growing up.


The Bobby Young Project     12:30-1:35pm

For over fifty years Bobby has had a love affair with music, and the guitar. Strongly influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Alvin Lee, Leslie West, Sly Stone and Freddie Stone, he has played and recorded with a long list of people including; The Natural Four, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Richard “Dimples” Fields, John Lee Hooker, Maria Muldaur, Jimmy McCracklin, Craig Horton, Snooky Flowers, Cool Papa, Archie Lee Hooker, and Zakiya Hooker.
Bobby also had the honor of doing guitar work on the Cd’s “From Clarksdale To Heaven – Remembering John Lee Hooker”, and “John Lee Hooker, Face to Face”. The “BYP” is made up of, Nick Young-guitar, Greg “Gman” Simmons-bass, Tarika Lewis-violin, Erin Honeywell-vocals, Latrosse Harris-drums, Gig Anderson-keyboards, and on special occasions, Bay Area Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Wylie Trass-vocals.


DJ Yaddos      Stage DJ

Originally from Chicago DJ Yaddos is a lover of Hip Hop, and house music. He has been spinning for 13 years and is an integral of the Laney College and Peralta Family; DJ Yaddos will be the resident dj, keeping us all moving today.


College of Alameda Dance     12:20-12:30pm

This student group is comprised of a multicultural troupe of dancers, musicians, and other artists who share a passion for bringing the arts to all communities, particularly those underserved. The groups’ signature style blends contemporary elements with traditional Vietnamese aesthetics. They also bring drama, music, dance, and storytelling together forming a unique whole. The group embraces ballet, modern, jazz, ballroom, Hip-Hop, and theatrical styles to tell stories or describe social issues in the United States and Vietnam for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

SambaFunk!     2:00-3:00pm

SambaFunk! is a community of professional and volunteer performing artists based in Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area. Founded by Artistic Director Theo Aytchan Williams the organization showcases the cultural connections between Mother Africa and the daughter cultures of Brasil and Black America. Members of the organization are known as Funkquarians. Each time the Funkquarians play, dance, sing or chant it is in honor of the lost ancestors of the Middle Passage. SambaFunk! is a  501(c)3 cultural nonprofit and currently seeking sponsors for development of a new cultural innovation center. Please visit the web site for more information on SambaFunk!