EcoFest Sustainability Festival

Impact:  LEED Platinum; Pasiv Haus; Zero Net Energy

Funding/Cost to the District:  Private donations and contributions from the District’s four Colleges, as authorized by the President of each College.

Location:  District-Wide

Description:  Annual Sustainability Festival:  The Festival is held each year, on the Thursday of Earth Week. The Festival traditionally ran from 11A.M.-2P.M. In 2015, the District held its 9th Festival. The 2015 Festival attracted 2,000 – 3,000 attendees, and close to 140 Exhibitors.  With the growth of the Festival, there has been a push to expand the hours, to allow more time to visit with exhibitors. The 2016 Festival marks this event’s 10th anniversary. The duration  will be extended by two hours. The new event schedule is 10A.M. – 3P. M.